by Eren Deran  & Kaan Alay          

Explore Athens and experience Athenian life like a local. Come and join the group of AthensManiacs! :)

June 20, 2017

Have you been in Athens before? If not this article is for you. I have been living in Athens for a month and i would like to share with you my feelings and advise you to see some places. When you come to Athens, you will easily see that people are so friendly, hospitab...

May 27, 2017

When you travel around the world, I can imagine that you will start to search about the historical places, museums, festivals and of course foods. You will always want to try something that is unique to the country. I also do the same things when I start to travel beca...

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Hi, we are 2 guys (Eren & Kaan) living in Athens, Greece. You can join and discover this beautiful Greek city with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason.

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