The Best Beaches in Athens

If you are visiting Athens in spring, summer or autumn, besides sightseeing, you will probably want to go to one of the beaches in the city to enjoy the Aegean Sea. There are many beautiful beaches. We can say that beaches in Athens spread all along the southern and the north-eastern side of the Attica. Thanks to these great beaches of Athens, you can feel refreshed in the city without the need of going away. You can find my list of the most beautiul beaches in Athens, Greece below. Enjoy all the shades of blue in Athens!

1. Vouliagmeni Beach: Vouliagmeni Beach is located in the south of Athens. Despite being 23 km away from city center, it is one of the very famous beaches in Athens. Vouliagmeni is a sandy beach and the sea water is so clean and clear there. Some different events are held on some days at the beach. If you want to go there, you can take the tram to Voula and then, you can take a taxi from there.

2. Bolivar Beach: Bolivar is a great place to swim and take a rest during the day, and to have party at night. The water is cleaned by employees everyday. The enterance fee is 5 euros (at the weekend: 6 euros). The staff is friendly. If you want to go there, you need to take tram and get off at Kalamaki Station. You will find yourself in front of Bolivar Beach.

3. Akanthus Beach: Akanthus is also very close to city center. You can go there by tram. You need to get off at Zephyros. We especially life the music played at Akanthus Beach. The enterance fee is 5 euros. The beach is so clear and there is no rock. If you are one of those swimmers who do not like rocks under their feet in the sea, you can choose Akanthus. It is open from 9am to 4am.

4. Yabanaki: Yabanaki Beach is also known as "Varkiza" Beach, because it is located on the main beach of Varkiza. This sandy beach is peaceful and generally full of friendly people. You can have a rest without any irritating noise. Also, if you are into watersports, you can have the chance to do some there. Moreover, there are also some restaurants and cafes around Yabanaki Beach, so if you feel hungry after swimming, you do not need to leave the beach. The enterance fee is 5 euros.

5. Limanakia: Limanakia is a series of beautiful rocky coves. To reach there, you will need to take the metro to Elliniko. After that you can get on the bus "E22" until Beta Limanakia. When you get off the bus, you will need to walk and climb. After that you will see the beauty in front of you. The water is beautiful and the beach is rocky with lots of convenient open flat rocks. Limanakia is also known as nude gay beach in Athens.

6. Glyfada Beach: There are many public beaches in Glyfada. Because of that, Glyfada is famous for its beaches in Athens. Moreover, it is too easy to get to that place. You just need to get on the tram from Syntagma Square. Approximately 30-40 minutes later, you will arrive in Glyfada area. As almost all the beaches are public and there is not any entrance fee, you can easily check all of them until you find the best for you. Rocky or sandy... Which one is yours?

7. Edem Beach: Edem is the other beach that is very close the city center. If you go to Edem from Syntagma Square by tram, it will take 20-25 minutes to arrive. You will need to get off at Edem station. The beach is not so big but it has clear water. You do not have to pay for it because it is a public beach. It is better for you to go there early, because especially at the weekends it can be too crowded to find a place.

8. Voula Beach: Volua is known as a long and sandy beach in the south of Athens. In that area you can find many cafeterias, taverns and sport centres. It is not hard to get there. It is 18 km far from city center and you can go there by tram. The last stop of tram is Voula. When you get off the tram, you can go to the beach directly. It is a great sandy public beach. You can catch some entertaining events there on some days.

9. Alimos Beach: Alimos is one of the most crowded beaches in Athens, because it is very close to city center and it is a public beach. There are several cafeterias and restaurants around that place. If you go there by tram, you will need to get off at Kalamaki Station. It is better for you to go early and get an umbrella. It is generally too crowded and if you are late, you may have to sit under the sun without a shelter.

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