What to See in Athens, Greece?

Have you been in Athens before? If not this article is for you. I have been living in Athens for a month and i would like to share with you my feelings and advise you to see some places. When you come to Athens, you will easily see that people are so friendly, hospitable and kind. Greek people like to have time outside with friend, they do not like to be home too much. Thanks to that you will see every place crowded. There are some favourite places for me.

1. Monastraki: When you visit Athens, your first destination should be Monastraki Square. When you get there just stop and turn 360 degree around you and let the beauty touch you. At Monastraki Square you can visit Flea Market to do shopping or buy antique goods. I would like to share with you a photo of Monastraki.

2. Ermou Street: When you see Monastraki Square, you do not need to go far, just walk approximately 100 meter and start to walk from beautiful Ermou Street. There are historical and beautiful church at that street. I am sure you will like the beauty. You can see many young people who dance or make musiz at that street. Moreover, you can finde many famous shopping center at this street such as H&M or ZARA. You can find a beautiful photo of Ermou below.

3. Syntagma Square: When you finish the Ermou Street, you will see in front of you old royal palace. This beautiful building is used for Greek Parliament since 1934. Every hour, the changing of the soldier's ceremony, is conducted in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the area between the Syntagma Square and Parliament building. Here you can find the old royal palace:

4. National Garden: When you walk from Monastraki to Syntagma through ermou street, you may feel little bir tired. No worries. You will find great peaceful and relaxing National Garden next to Syntagma Street. You can go inside the park, take a walk, sit on the grass, take a deep clean breath and feel fresh before going to your next direciton.

5. Plaka: Plaka is a place for some restaurants in Acropolis that offers great foods and coffees for you. You can take a sit and have fun here while eating your food or drinking your coffee. You will definitelly like the shape of the roads, trees and the design of places at Plaka area. If you wonder about what to eat here you can check the article about foods in Athens.

6. Acropolis: When you have rest at Plaka, you can continuou to your way for Acropolis. It is almost the most historical place in Athens. There is also acropolis museum. When you climb to acropolis hill, you will have a chance to see beautiful athens in front of you. Moreower you will see panthenon that is the most important part of Acropolis. By the way i would like to say that it is forbidden to built higher building than acropolis hill around Acropolis area. There you can see great Acropolis and Panthenon.

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